The idea of the project

Starting from the idea of a mosaic, Christina Allzeit paints for every country and/or every nation in each case a picture in the format 1m times 1m.

Each of the in total 208 (16 x 13) alike-formats nation pictures originates at the period dated August 2004 by summer 2012 and distinguishes itself in use the bright acrylic colors and the represented motives. Every picture stands and seems alone by itself, however, attains the targeted artistic reality first in the entirety with the other fields.

For this in June - July 2006, parallel to the WM 2006 all pictures in areas of a former Kita, painted up to then, were issued and partly already formed a notion of the holistic motive..

Possibly reproductions on foil are hang on of it at public places. So is this work of art from the people those pursue her work daily, national and international tourists and all Berlin inside seen.

Alternatively for this it could be projected also by means of a projection (still-picture projector) at a wall or on the soil. Always another country, to each full hour the overall view and/or the present/immediate conditions of the overall view.

On a long-term basis this picture is to hang at the United Nations in New York. At this place, which secures the world peace, is a picture, which reminds at the peace exactly at the correct place. First the UN is in Bonn (long Eugen) a correct place.

Of this place, the overall picture Marici should remind decision maker and those that the decisions "sustain" that we exist in a world (one world )which we should create with Love and open eyes (one future).

The brightly intense glad colours broadcast a strong shear optimism and may invigorate the observer future pointing alive to one, harmonious, tolerant and loving with each other. The observer protrude the more intensely before the universe of humanity that opens the more insistently itself to one the variety of the nations life and cult protomorphs as a non-knock world principle understands.

In consequence only one dupe of the complete work develops. The individual pictures are then sold. A part of proceeds goes to those it more badly goes than us, of which we think in love and should with humility help to caritative projects, for humans. It the respective messages buy ideal way. If not, they keep however a copy and graphic illustration of the overall view, connected with the desire to bring the picture into the homeland there to the government head and/or the president to present to the president and to present it in suitable place, in accordance with that inspiring thought to the unit of the world (one world - one future).

MARICI, the name of the goddess

The Hinduism goddess inspired the Christina Allzeit artist to the naming for her art project via the mundane universe. In it, different nations and nations, cultures and ways of life exist. They stand alone by itself, refer on each other, complement them for itself, compete with each other - and they combat not rare itself into death. To end this being sense, it would need an omnipotent one to this "goddess of the earthly room that shows the way to the people for peace, tolerance, humanity and love".

With its pictures - the in yours entirety managing a spiritually entirety - pleaded the artist, for an earthly reality, in peace, attain tolerance, humanity and love "divine" emission strength.

The way for the whole

The 208 individual images of the total factory are created as from autumn 2004. This process achieves its climax with the arrangement to the Marici. In order to accompany this process and/or. visible to make, may should the individual images of a interested public presenter finished already may be. As places of the presentation, public buildings or publicly amenable places of the art work into consideration come. This time can be visited already pictures finished placed in the checkpoint Charlie gallery, where also the Spiegel-TV-Reportage was turned over the Marici.

In July 2006 Christina Allzeit was selected to the Berlinerin of the daily with radiosender citizen of Berliner Rundfunk 91,4 (here radio with cut)

Over the pure video show out is the incorporation in events those are occupied with topics of the Marici - peace, tolerance, humanity and love - in the longest sense desirable.

During the two-year origin process of the large picture, it is valid to make the art project known by an intense public relations (not only) with art interested curiosity to loaves and to in particular increase the tension to the disclosure in the last stage before the arrangement of the overall picture. Except for few inaugurated and for sponsors and/or for money lenders of the project the artist will ventilate her secret via the motive of the large picture only on the day of the public disclosure.

Importantly also the project is world peace project for children and young people

The Vita of the artist

Christina Allzeit was borne in Berlin in 1960, after school-leaving examination,it completed a training in the case of Wolfgang Watzlaff to the painter.Numerous single exhibitions in Berlin since 1984 and other. Berlin savings bank, German bank, Berlin bank, airport gallery Tegel, factory show with more than 60 exhibits in the house of the housing technical services, furthermore, child and youth time projects as well as facade painting into Berlin since 1992, multipartite large pictures since 1993.

Selected factories and large pictures

Waterlove, 90 x 60 cm, 1997

Großbild aus 54 Einzelteilen, 450 x 300 cm,
VR Leasing, 2003

Die Tanzenden, Hausfassade in der Senftenberger Straße,
Berlin-Hellersdorf, 1992

The effect of her pictures

The pictures from Christina Allzeit are embossed by intense Colour. Blue, yellow, turquoise, orange, green, purple and green dominate in their selection.
The inserted colours come for the validity whose harmonious doing the colour loans the swing full one
and remarkable gives a pulsating emission forms easily in a striking balance.

Her compositions move manner onto single and impulsive ones to the may think at.

The peaceful and balanced coexistence of all colours manages a harmonious whole which liveliness broadcasts instead of state and future instead of presence.


Spacetime 3 x 5,5 m großes Wandbild in der Deutschen Welle Berlin mit Elektroinstallationen und Plexiglasrohren




So far all materials one donated. A majority by the company Schikkus. For the remaining canvases still Sponsoerne are looked for. Jetzt können Patenschaften für einzelne Staatenbilder übernommen werden. An diesem Gesamtkunstwerk soll keiner verdienen, auch nicht die Künstlerin selbst! Es soll ein Bild für den Frieden werden, bei den Vereinten Nationen hängen, und Frieden für die Welt symbolisieren! Da kann und soll keiner Geld mit verdienen!


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