Here stand humans, who up to now already supported the project. With their work and by their thought strength! I thank all for it and hope it become ever more! (sequence after entrance into the project)

Göstav Steglich (artists) it supported me as the first in the idea and prepared the first Exposee.
Jürgen Bienert (free journalist) at the formulation of the first Exposse's and the letters filed
Klaus Becker (organization and management) It organized and managed all things up to the summer 2005 around Marici the part, which was not simple for me as an artist. Thanks!
Nicole-Janine Maletzki (Büro & Mehr -Service approximately for office-) the layout for the Exposee made you and untiringly printed out. In addition their support went beyond it far! Thank you!
Horst und Michael Schikkus Owing to for canvases (finally is a quantity!!!) and colors and faith in the project!
Check Point Charlie-Galerie In the gallery directly at the historical place for war and peace at the checkpoint Charlie will develop this work of art! Spectators can along-pursue the emergence there.
Zentrum für Integrales Yoga (Gabriele and Michael Beyer) give me in the Yogastsunden strength, which I need and in addition become the initial ceremony with a light ceremony (ARATI), a classical YOGA-ASANA-hour, Rezitation (AKANTA-KIRTAN) of the Peace-Mantras OM NAMO NARAYANAYA accompany.
Oya-Berlin (Karin Szelies) It will dance with the beginning of painting sakrale dances around the project with positive energies to accompany.
Jenny Feige Thanks for its assistance with very difficult technique problems in Web and PC....
Frank Towet A super web page with flags and many information, which I may use kindly....
Lür Waldmann founder of the initiative "we build the castle", for which me with advice and act stands to the side and presents to me interesting humans.
Town councillor Peter Senftleben and the delegate Brigitte Lange one made it possible that the Marici could be issued nevertheless still to the soccer world championship in Berlin in a former Kindergarten.(And thanks! at Mr. Klaus Press, who organized all this that it also folded!)
Christiane Schinkel, which uses itself since at the end of of May 2006 with energy and love in word and act for the Marici. Thanks, Christiane!
Thanks at Marlene and Mary, which hung at the night before the Vernissage to the exhibition to the WM with pictures. Again special thanks at Goestav, who helped me on the day before the opening 24 h nonstop.
Dirk Michaelis, which along-opened into the Kita the exhibition to the WM.
others around Marici